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What is this site about?
2010-08-12 - Update: The End!

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To travel does not mean you have an endless vacation. On the contrary. Travelling means every day adapting to a new environment, every day to look for safety, food suppliers, transport, lodging, sights, information, interesting spots and to the every changing culture and local mentality. It is - also it sounds pathetic - exhausting.

Therefor it was time to have a break since months and so I decided for myself that after seeing Australia I will look for a job and settle down for a while. Australia or Hong Kong was on the radar screen.

But with the announcement of the wedding date of my mum everything changed. For the 8th of May I had to be in Vienna.

Going to Vienna meant to have the chance to not only see my family but also all of my friends.

The more I thought about how long I should stay (should I just come to Vienna and don't tell anybody about, should I just meet my family, just some friends...), the more I planned, the more I kept on thinking about going home - the more I wanted to be home.
I felt a glimpse of homesickness when I was on Fiji and that is where I decided to look for a job back home in Munich.

My flight home was on the 6th of May, right to Munich, the very next day I travelled to Vienna to get in touch with my 'new' family, attending the wedding on the 8th and returning home to Munich finally on the 12th of May - 2 years, 1 month and 2 days after leaving it for the best trip of my life.

2009-05-14 - Update: The journey is no longer limited to Hong Kong - come and let's see the world!

campsite 1600m After two month traveling I was already very sure to keep going to Australia after I reached Hong Kong.
So many travelers I met told me about the whole South East Asia and the continent down under, that I became attracted massively.

As keeping on a journey is so much easier than starting a new one and with no fix costs back home and being already on the tour and now the recession - there is nothing that can stop me now!

As I always wanted to learn another language, going to South America and pick up Spanish is just another milestone.

For all my mates back home: I will not do Africa now - there must be something on the agenda when you grow old! ;-)
(at least that's what I am thinking now)

The planed calendar:
End of 2009/latest March 2010: Reaching Australia, sightseeing tour for three months and then trying to get a job for one year to dive into the culture and improve the language skills.

Spring 2011: Moving on to South America
Doing one year there alternating language courses and travelling.

Spring 2012: It's time to get home!

2009-02-14 - Update: I became a backpacker!

campsite 1600m I had reasons to send my car home. Check out Reason Sending Home Vehicle .

Sending home my car meant to become a backpacker:

This website keeps track with my journey from Munich to Hong Kong.

campsite 1600m

I wanna drive with my Land Rover all the way from Munich to Hong Kong overland.

This website is mainly kept for friends and family of me to keep track where I am and what I am doing and as a platform to show my pictures of the journey.

It also might be useful to other overlanders to see, where you can pitch a tent, which street you can drive on or just to get some general tourist information.

This website shows my picture highlights (PfeilHome) and last position where I was,
this Pfeilinfo page,
the PfeilRoute I plan to go and the actually driven ones (Pfeiltracks by countries)
the pictures taken (PfeilPer Country or PfeilAll Pics)
the PfeilDiary with impressions and reports
a fun section for PfeilGuest Comments,
a PfeilGame, where you can bet how far I will come (some people think I will not reach my target) with the PfeilPlaced Bets
and a PfeilDownload Section where you can download the kml and gdb files of the tracks per country (not done yet).

Have fun surfin' it and whenever you find an error, something you don't like or just a small hint, I appreciate to get email from you at info@oliabroad.de.

Thank you very much,
Yours Sincerely

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