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2010-06-04 - 14:52 (CET)
New Zealand
Finally the pix are online! :-)
2010-05-17 - 17:30 (CET)
Australian Pics
New Pics are online! :-)
2010-05-05 - 07:25 (CET)
The End
Today it's going home!
2010-04-25 - 08:09 (CET)
Surfers Paradise
That's really a paradise here! Sand, Surf, Sun - what else you need!? :-)
2010-04-10 - 08:56 (CET)
2 years oliabroad
63072000 Sekunden oder 1051200 Minuten oder 17520 Stunden oder 730 Tage oder 2 Jahre on the road! :-)
2010-04-10 - 08:55 (CET)
2 years oliabroad
63072000 Sekunden 1051200 Minuten 17520 Stunden 730 Tage 2 Jahre on the road! :-)
2010-04-05 - 04:40 (CET)
Great Ocean Route
Back in Oz - with Andy we tour up North to Brisbane now!
2010-03-18 - 04:26 (CET)
Fiji was just awesome!!! If anybody is unsure wether to go or not - it's a definitely 'go'!!! :-) Yesterday I arrived in Auckland and by now I like it very much! For those who still do not know - I come home in May for at least two months! Looking forward to cu all!!
2010-03-15 - 01:03 (CET)
Fiji Cyclone
Just got rescued from paradise beachcomber island by private boat, because the cyclone is getting near! :-)
2010-03-10 - 03:00 (CET)
Fiji Beachcomber Island
My simple thought was just - 'Wow, I will stay here for ever!!' :-)
2010-03-06 - 03:39 (CET)
Playing golf under palm trees, hikking the devils head and enjoying the sun and the beaches - what else you wanna do on fiji!? :-)
2010-02-25 - 04:03 (CET)
Oxley Fram
Staying with my friends on Oxley Farm means sleeping long, working a little bit on Mikes Land Rover, playing golf with Netty and her sister Rachel and live the Australian life - mainly relaxing! :-) btw: Haven't seen kagaroos in whole Australia yet - maybe that's just a myths! :-)
2010-02-20 - 14:27 (CET)
Ayers Rock
Well, its a rock... it's ok, but well, if you have seen other things... it's over rated... or like an Canadian said 'it's underwhelming' ... and btw I haven't seen any kangaroos by now... :-)
2010-02-14 - 09:07 (CET)
"Do you have a return Ticket!?”, “No”, “Do you have an accommodation!?”, “No”, “How much money do you have!?”, “That’s none of your business!”. This conversation brings you right into prison – well, at least into an interrogation room for more than three hours, where you have to describe your childhood area, show your online banking account and speak your mother tongue to an interpreter to check, if you are really from the country your passport shows. And to explain the stupid guys that you speak German in Austria. That they speak English in Australia they didn’t thing about!! Funny people! By now I don’t like the country too much! :-)
2010-01-28 - 10:31 (CET)
Still Bali
Still two weeks Bali - surfing, relaxing and finally a bit sighseeing! :-)
2010-01-13 - 08:00 (CET)
Finally I uploaded the pics of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia! :-)
2010-01-08 - 09:37 (CET)
The New Year
After a splendid party with Brice's gang in their bar we recovered on a short trip to Lombok - more surfing, less booze. Back on Bali it's now time to plan the new year! :-)
2009-12-28 - 10:30 (CET)
Surfin' on Bali! :-)
2009-12-21 - 07:28 (CET)
It took me about three days to cross the first red light! :-) I am sure it's a nice town to live in but for a tourist there is not too much to get. Tonight: Touchdown in Bali for x-mas and NYE!! :-)
2009-12-15 - 13:24 (CET)
Abseiling, rock climbing, squeezing through very tiny holes and climb down in them, swimming in the river, everything in pitch dark environment - fuck, it was sooooo cool - Caving in Gunung Mulu NP on Borneo!!!
2009-11-26 - 12:32 (CET)
Yeah, Mt. Kinabalu on Borneo - 4095m high - and my knee did it (well, it hurt, but hey, that's ok with me! :-)! I am so happy!
2009-11-23 - 14:09 (CET)
Kuala Lumpur
The Petronas Twin Towers are just soooooooooo great!!! :-)
2009-11-14 - 08:45 (CET)
Finally I was able to load up some more pics! Check out Philippines and Thailand!
2009-11-05 - 05:42 (CET)
Since 26th of October I travel with Eva - we know each other for years and after her diploma she decided to take some months of. Plans are to stay together untill Australia! :-) At the moment we try to recover after the crazy full moon party on Ko Phangan! :-)
2009-11-05 - 05:39 (CET)
Since 26th of October I travel with Eva - we know each other for years and after her diploma she decided to take some months of. Plans are to stay together untill Australia! :-) At the moment we try to recover after the crazy full moon party on Ko Phangan! :-)
2009-11-05 - 05:35 (CET)
Since 26th of October I travel with Eva - we know each other for years and after her diploma she decided to take some months of. Plans are to stay together untill Australia! :-) At the moment we try to recover after the crazy full moon party on Ko Phangan! :-)
2009-10-23 - 11:02 (CET)
Philippines were again great! If you go there don't miss out Boracay - it's definitely a paradise!!! Now it's Thai-time again. Eva will come in 3 days and then a new art of travelling will start! :-)
2009-10-13 - 12:06 (CET)
Do and me leave the floods to other areas and enjoy the paradise like island Boracay with shopping, sun bathing, snorkelling and sailing - life can go on like this! :-)
2009-09-28 - 05:58 (CET)
Well, I am still alive and rather dry and should be happy. But after all I definitely should have stayed a week longer in Hong Kong than comming back to Typhoon Phillipines! :-) Just watching telly, eating and sleeping can become very boring! :-)
2009-09-14 - 08:44 (CET)
Hong Kong!
Day 522 - Hong Kong! The primarily target of my journey! Wow - what a feeling! I am feeling like home, although it's raining! It's just a good city, everything perfectly organized, people speak English - great! I will check tomorrow, what's the job market doing here - maybe I spend some more time here! :-)
2009-09-09 - 10:55 (CET)
China - First Impression
China is cool, China is very well organized, the Chinese people are all friendly and not that touchy like for examples Indians, China is cheap... I like China by now!! A view more pix are online now and finally the diary for July and August! :-)
2009-09-05 - 14:40 (CET)
The last days in Vietnam!
The diary is written, but I cannot upload the stupid pics at the moment - so you have to wait until I find a computer with CD reader! :-) Tomorrow evening I will take the train to China. In the next three days I should be in Xi'An to see the Terracotta Army!
2009-08-29 - 11:37 (CET)
Phu Quoc
Chilling out on a boring island! :-)
2009-08-21 - 08:16 (CET)
Pics online
OK, finally new pics are online - the first 2,5 weeks are missing because the pics are on CD and here in my little village there is no CD reader! :-) I will load them up soon - same applies to the diary!
2009-08-11 - 10:35 (CET)
Point it
It's such a shame that the stupid Indian police stole my 'Point it' book, when they took my car - it's the first time that I would really need it!
2009-08-11 - 10:34 (CET)
2009-08-11 - 10:31 (CET)
Point it
It's such a shame that the stupid Indian police stole my 'Point it' book, when they took my car - it's the first time that I would really need it!
2009-08-11 - 09:33 (CET)
Point it
It's really a shame, that the stupid Indian policemen who took my car stole my 'Point it' book - it's now the first time I really would need it!
2009-08-02 - 07:31 (CET)
Lost in Translation
Hanging out in a small viallage with absolutely no one speaking English is quite a new experience! :-)
2009-07-29 - 13:01 (CET)
New Email!
As my account got hacked a second time now and as I dislike the company anyway I switched to gmail now! Same address but at gmail dot com!
2009-07-27 - 10:44 (CET)
Halong Bay
It's definitely one of the best locations of the world! Wow!
2009-07-13 - 05:54 (CET)
Saigon was cool! Seeing Martin+ Party and Culture - now it's beach time in Nha Trang!!
2009-07-07 - 07:13 (CET)
Back to Bangkok
Back in Bangkok, I finally had time to update the diary! In two days I will fly to Vietnam and meet Martin there! Hope, he brings an Augustiner! :-)
2009-06-12 - 14:19 (CET)
I am totally amazed - the country is so beautiful with all the islands, mountains, hidden beaches, lagoons, lakes - this is definitely a country worth a holiday!!!
2009-05-25 - 06:20 (CET)
New plans
Some people do know already, some do not. But I tend to stay away from home for a little longer - more info on http:www.oliabroad.dewhatisphpwhatis.php
2009-05-14 - 13:55 (CET)
Muay Thai
'Everytime I touch your shoulder means I hit your head and you're KO!' - it's what my personal trainer in Thai-boxing told me! :-) It's so good to be back fighting after an absence of 10 years!!
2009-05-13 - 07:29 (CET)
Bankgkok IIII
Gym, gym, gym... :-) If anybody wants to drop a message - I have a mobile again: +66824430163
2009-05-05 - 07:50 (CET)
Bangkok III
Still happy visiting the gym and relaxing at the pool! :-)
2009-04-28 - 14:34 (CET)
Bangkok II
One week already passed in dreamland - I am still super happy! Rooftoppool + fitness center are also helping! :-)
2009-04-21 - 14:33 (CET)
Stupid smile completely without drugs! :-)
At last I am at home! Back in the metropolis of the world! Everything is clean, easy, cheap, real, honest - hey, it's the way you like it! Fuck, I am happy!
2009-04-15 - 06:10 (CET)
Cruise the rivers of Bangladesh with an old rocket (paddle wheeler) and get the feeling of the old times! It's just amazing!!
2009-04-09 - 08:52 (CET)
Landy + Bangladesh
Thanks to everybody who was in charge of organizing the things around my car! That was a very good job!!! At the moment I am in Bangladesh - the greenest country so far for me - let's see how the real insight will be! :-)
2009-04-04 - 08:16 (CET)
Landy is at Home
Andi did the best job in getting the Landy out of customs in Hamburg and drove it home to Munich safe. Tomorrow friends of mine will unload the car and drop it at a workshop to get it pimped and sold. Thx a lot boyz!!!! I will take a train to Banglasdesch tomorrow - check out the last reminescence of old India!
2009-03-30 - 12:21 (CET)
Kolkata II
Back in Kolkata! The Andaman’s were very cool, so was the time with Monk. I am just hoping, that Andi succeeds in getting my car out of customs and home save! :-)
2009-03-26 - 05:12 (CET)
Andamans II
Following Heinrich Harrar Wolfgang and me managed the Saddle Peak in 4 hours (732m but about 30 degrees in the shade!).
2009-03-12 - 11:47 (CET)
Just droped to the place with the blue sea, white beaches and swimming elephants! :-) Pls find me at coconuts huts nr. 6 on Havelock island!
2009-03-09 - 10:15 (CET)
Well, Bangalore is dirty and you can hardly breath! Julius and me decided to head to Chennai already tomorrow! :-)
2009-03-05 - 17:12 (CET)
The first train ride took me to Hampi! A 24h traintrip is something new for me. The people in the train were very nice, no idiots on the railway (in comparisson with the streets), I could read the whole time (when I was awake) and could much more use my famouse iPod! :-) So the first trip without the car was a good one! :-)
2009-02-28 - 19:02 (CET)
fwimc - I don't have a German mobil phone number anymore - so pls., if you wanna drop me a line, use the Indian one: 00919711372829 - na, nix mandy! ;-) and pls, if you drop a line, add your name, because my old phone is dead and I have no numbers left! :-)
2009-02-28 - 18:44 (CET)
fwitc - I don't have a German mobil phone number anymore - so pls., if you wanna drop me a line, use the Indian one: 00919711372829 - na, nix mandy! ;-)
2009-02-20 - 16:32 (CET)
Reasons shipping home the vehicle
For details pls check the diary - Reasons Sending Home Vehicle
2009-02-19 - 06:44 (CET)
Oli lost his bet!
After recalculating costs and benefits I decided to send my car back home to Germany! I will move on with public transport now! More information soon! The winners will get notified very soon!
2009-02-15 - 13:47 (CET)
Mumbai Police plays Copperfield with my car
Comming back from Goa my car vanished! After investigation I found out the police took it! Let's see how much I have to bribe them to get it back! :-)
2009-02-10 - 14:40 (CET)
Back to Palolem
After two days of sightseeing with Andi in Mumbai we now enjoy the beauty of Palolem! :-) Next weekend back to Mumbai and then there could be major changes in my travel! More about that later ;-)
2009-02-10 - 14:34 (CET)
Back to Palolem
After two days of sightseeing with Andi in Palolem we now enjoy the beauty of Palolem! :-) Next weekend back to Mumbai and then there could be major changes in my travel! More about that later ;-)
2009-02-04 - 11:36 (CET)
Not as dirty as I thought and much better athmosphere! I like it here!
2009-02-02 - 07:38 (CET)
Going to Mumbai
Tomorrow I go to Mumbai! Again Sighseeing, some time on the road and my next visitor - Andi comes to see me!! :-)
2009-01-28 - 09:20 (CET)
Palolem, Palolem, Palolem...
No news are good news - everything's keep good - I do understand the hippies! :-)
2009-01-19 - 11:48 (CET)
Still Palolem
My birthday was great and now December and January is online! :-)
2009-01-09 - 14:59 (CET)
I found the paradise!! Perfect beach, cheap accomodation, cheap food and today I had my first Yoga session! I will stay here! :-)
2008-12-18 - 16:04 (CET)
Finally I updated the dirary! Enjoy reading October and November! :-)
2008-12-08 - 16:14 (CET)
Reading, reading, reading,... soon I will update my diary! Sorry for the delay!
2008-11-26 - 07:54 (CET)
Back in Goa
After a hard party week with Micha in Delhi I am back in Goa - no Yoga in Kerala, but sports and reading on the beach! :-)
2008-11-20 - 13:39 (CET)
Party in Delhi
Seeing Michi is a garant for some good party nights in Delhi! :-)
2008-11-16 - 05:33 (CET)
Facing the beaches of Goa tells me I am not ready now for becoming a Budhist! :-)
2008-10-29 - 15:30 (CET)
The Bodhi Tree (under which Buddha found enlightment) is sheltering me in chaotic India! :-)
2008-10-21 - 16:18 (CET)
The next days
Oliver is going to go kayaking for the next 4 days and then doing a 10 days meditation course in Inida - so cu after the 12th! :-)
2008-10-19 - 07:49 (CET)
Hey Guys, hab gerade das Anna Purna Basecamp gemeistert! Hab mein Knie zwar gespuert, aber nichts ernstes! 5 Tage, mehr als 5000 Hoehenmeter - yeah! :-)
2008-10-13 - 07:51 (CET)
I will try to walk a part of the anna purna base camp trek - may my knee be with me! :-)
2008-10-09 - 11:25 (CET)
Starting point for the Anna Purna Trek! I will first get some experiences in the 'local' food here - Steak and Pizza! :-) Life's good!
2008-10-05 - 18:18 (CET)
NP is callin'!
I will go to the Chitwan NP tomorrow! Jungle, Elefants, Swimming, etc. is waitin' for me!! :-)
2008-10-01 - 16:33 (CET)
I love Nepal already!!! The people, the food, the mountains - everything!!
2008-09-28 - 06:37 (CET)
Hey guys, I am leaving Darjelling and heading to Kathmandu now!
2008-09-25 - 07:13 (CET)
Time to chill out! Diray is up to date, pix are uploaded, mails answered - gotta use the calm time to read a book and relax. In three days I will head to Nepal1
2008-09-21 - 09:31 (CET)
Back in Darjeeling
Kolkata was a very good Indian imperssion! Seeing the work of calcuta rescue was also good and making the children happy by buying 300 pencils, ballpens, books and rulers is also a good feeling!
2008-09-15 - 13:17 (CET)
Hey Folks, sorry for not updating my diary and the pix at the moment - it's just to much stress at the moment - give me some weeks and everything is online! Cheers Yours Oli
2008-09-15 - 13:17 (CET)
Hey Folks, sorry for not updating my diary and the pix at the moment - it
2008-09-10 - 09:53 (CET)
Just had some nice cups of tea - it's a good feeling here. Especially not starting to sweat while putting on clothes! :-) Yesterday I was freezing, also I was wearing two T-Shirts and a thin jacket! Yeah! :-)
2008-09-05 - 07:06 (CET)
Cool town, cool way to deal with the death, cool rooftop-guesthouse, super nice people - I keep staying here for a while... :-)
2008-08-26 - 15:09 (CET)
The Meherangarh Fort in Jodhpur is terrific!!! The whole city is very good indeed - including food! :-) It's a place for more time...
2008-08-22 - 16:38 (CET)
Delhi is cool! Very good sights, shopping, you find good food, weather ok for monsoon season! :-)
2008-08-17 - 07:33 (CET)
Country Change!!
INDIA! A new country - new impressions! And by now, day 4 very good ones! You can see women again, people are very positive - by now it's a nice country!!
2008-08-10 - 13:14 (CET)
Today is my 4 months anniversary! Cool! But it's a shock how fast time passes!! Lahore is cool! You can buy everything - what gives you a secure feeling! :-) This is not normal for the jungle outta here! ;-)
2008-08-05 - 19:44 (CET)
Back in a place where you can buy good food, different food, even alcohol - and the weather is good, as well (it rains)! A very good feeling!! :-)
2008-07-19 - 18:02 (CET)
Hey mates, sorry for no news! Internet is crap here! Will update you, when I am in Islamabad again - could last two weeks! Cheers Oli
2008-07-14 - 20:42 (CET)
After spending four days at the polo tournament on Shandur pass (3700m) we just wanted to go fishing for one day, when the street beyond Thomas and Sylvies landy broke down and the three of them felt into Phander lake. So instead of the trouts we had to fish them out of the water and make the landy ready for transport again – this took some days and now we have to calm down and relax in Gilgit.
2008-07-05 - 14:33 (CET)
Chitral - still alive! :-)
I am still alive! I just was in a wonderful valley, where they neither have mobile coverage nor internet. It was the oasis I was looking for in Pakistan!! If I wouldn't have to go to the Polo Game on Shandur Pass I would have stayed there two weeks!!
2008-06-28 - 18:39 (CET)
These days...
After all this repair-shit Landy got a new water pump today! Tomorrow I will watch Germany win the Euro-Cup and on Monday I will go to Peshawar and then into the mountains! Natuerlich bete ich jeden Tag!
2008-06-25 - 08:41 (CET)
Finally I moved! After more than two weeks in Quetta I drove to Multan which was amazing (crazy life on the streets, crazy traffic, so many small shops, camels and donkeys everywhere - unbeliefable) and now just arrived in Islamabad.
2008-06-21 - 08:24 (CET)
Leaving Quetta
It's time to go ahead - direction Sahiwal and Islamabad!
2008-06-17 - 16:56 (CET)
I am still in Quetta! Had to do my timeschedules - and of course watch the fotty championship! :-) Well, Germany is not doing as good as expected... the next days I will leave in drectins of Karakorum Highway!!
2008-06-12 - 15:09 (CET)
Finally update
Sorry guys! That was a long time without proper update! It was super hot, Internet stores were rare and then I got ill (diarrhoea) - but know diary, pix and route is done for Iran! Have fun and thx for your nice comments! I always enjoy them very much!!!
2008-06-06 - 17:16 (CET)
Pakistan! What a different world! Street are absolutely shit, but the streetlife is amazing!! I will need some days to adapt! :-)
2008-05-31 - 11:19 (CET)
After two splendid days in the mountains with Anne Christine, Mike, Michelle and Roy we drove to Shiraz where it was very easy to extend my visa! :-)
2008-05-26 - 16:58 (CET)
Yazd III
Just meeting super nice people!! Tomorrow it's time to leave Yazd and do some hikking!
2008-05-24 - 17:18 (CET)
Finally I found time to relax and come down - it was really a stress by now! :-) Yayd is cool! Especially the place we stay! :-) Very chilly!!
2008-05-20 - 15:08 (CET)
Yazd is hot! After driving through a sandstorm where we could hardly see 40m we arrived save in Yazd. I needa chill out more - my head is too full with new impressions!
2008-05-17 - 11:18 (CET)
Esfahan II
Absolutely wonderful! Super sights, chilly places, cute bridges, best teahouses - I could stay here a while! :-)
2008-05-15 - 16:57 (CET)
After a car incident (the water pump broke again) I arrived in Esfahan - haven't seen a lot by now, but what I saw is very beautiful!!
2008-05-12 - 10:47 (CET)
Tehran is ok, nothing special, still nice people. Traffic and smog not as bad as told! Internetcafes are rare.
2008-05-12 - 10:45 (CET)
Hey Freunde, wollte Euch nur sagen, dass ich eine 8-Stunden-Wanderung (1700hm) ohne Knieproblemen ueberstanden habe! :-) Yeeepeeaahhh!!!!
2008-05-02 - 19:44 (CET)
Super landscapes - super, super nice people - unbelievable!!! Go there and learn more!!
2008-04-28 - 17:17 (CET)
Snow in Turkey!
I built my first snowman in Turkey! But at an altitude of 2200m! :-) Again super nice people!!
2008-04-27 - 10:53 (CET)
I like Cappadocia!
Super nice people, offering me places to stay and super beautiful landscapes!!!
2008-04-24 - 16:22 (CET)
Nearly Broken Drive Belt
After my drive belt nearly broke I had to let it fix in a garage - now everything's fine again - lucky me! Could have meant a broken engine, as well! :-) Lucky me no player activated any bets my now. Though already, that I maybe have to go home and buy a new car! ;-)
2008-04-23 - 14:51 (CET)
Route alteration
Route in Turkey changed to visit Ankara and the subsurface village in Göreme!
2008-04-21 - 13:02 (CET)
Major change is the weather: over 25 degrees - summer in the city! :-)
2008-04-14 - 14:23 (CET)
Back in Sofia
Everything's fine - Going to Turkey is planned for Thursday the 17th of April!
2008-04-02 - 13:49 (CET)
New start date again and again...
...as the Pakistan consulate now produced the demand of an extra fee! Well to tell me that, to organize another transfer confirmation and to resent it - this takes time and another flight-date-shift is needed! :-) Flight is now set to 10th of April!
2008-03-26 - 13:33 (CET)
Again new start date!
As the Pakistan consulate oblige me to send in a resident permit for Germany (nobody nows why), this took again more time and therefor I have to postpone my flight again. Lufthansa loves me by now for paying again an extra fee! :-) I think departure will now be the 8th of April...
2008-03-15 - 9:47 (CET)
New start date! :-)
Fligh settled: New start date: 1st of April!
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